Dr. Di Iorio initiated a concussion management program at the Barrington School District in 2006 and feels strongly that extracurricular athletics and physical activity are vital to the healthy development of our children/young adults and serve an invaluable role in promoting school and community cohesiveness.

We have fostered an environment of safety by actively pursuing educational programs for student-athletes, coaches, teachers, administrators and parents/guardians regarding injury prevention, early recognition and appropriate treatment. Dr. Di Iorio has devoted thousands of hours of additional study/continuing education in combination with event coverage and regular concussion clinics to become a respected member in the area of sports-related head injuries and maintains his certification as an “ImPACT Consultant”. He continues to see student athletes of various ages and helps decipher the often nuanced and complex data gained through the use of computerized neurocognitive testing (ImPACT®). He will use this information along with other clinical tools when shepherding an injured individual through their recovery, including the often-intimidating academic accommodations and return to participation protocols.

Dr. Di Iorio is available to see student athletes from neighboring communities/larger Chicagoland region and has developed a reasonable fee-schedule intended to improve access for student athletes/families. Importantly, you don’t need to be a member of Dr. Di Iorio’s direct primary care practice to access his expertise on this subject matter.

Helpful Links

ImPACT Concussion Evaluation System

CDC Heads Up Concussion in Youth Sports Initiative

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